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Peking Cuisine Chinese Restaurant opened in 1996. It is an authentic Chinese restaurant that specializes in Northern Chinese and Si-chuan cuisine. Peking Cuisine provides a large variety of delicious dishes, a fine-dining environment and friendly service. It is a great place for business meetings, family gatherings and parties.

Northern Chinese cuisine is the region from north of the Yellow River. Over a span of 600 years during the Yan, Ming and Qing Dynasty, the Northern Chinese food accumulated a lot of healthy and delicious food. The most famous dish would be the Peking Duck. This dish is prized for its thin and crisp skin with the meat that is very tender. It is served with hand-made steamed Chinese tortillas, scallion and sweet bean sauce. Peking Cuisine is famous for its specialization in Peking Duck and is rated the best Peking Duck in town by the Houston Press, the Houston Chronicle, the Southern Chinese Daily News, the World Journal and many others. Other famous Northern Chinese dishes such as General Tso's Chicken, Large Prawn with Chili Sauce, Sweet & Sour Crispy Whole Fish, Sautéed Lamb with Scallion, Stewed Pork Intestine and Braised Pork Front Hock are also one of the many dishes that built the success of this restaurant.


We are not only good at the Northern Chinese cuisine. Our Si-chuan cuisine also put us over the top. Our most famous Si-chuan dishes are Fu Qi Fei Pian, Fish with Hot Red Pepper, Salt Baked Shrimp, Hot & Spicy Bean Curd, Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce, Twice Cooked Pork and Stir-Fried Green Bean. All these dishes are well liked by all our customers.

During the weekend, we serve traditional Chinese breakfast from special menu.
At Peking Cuisine, we can reserve duck or book a private room which you may book for your events. We offer specialty menus custom made for your parties, events or banquets. We will work with you to make sure that you and your guests have a true taste of the orient with service that caters to your event.

For the past 16 years we have been fortunate to have many loyal customers. Some of our customers come from other cities or even from other states. We will do our best to continuously serve our customers quality, authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine.


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